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Sunday’s Dark Horse: Julie and Julia

August 17, 2009

Julia_ChildYesterday, I saw Julie and Julia, Meryl Streep’s new movie about a woman named Julie Powell, who devoted 365 days to cooking all 524 of Julia Child’s recipes. In the end, she found herself and a book deal. One reporter wrote one article about her in the New York Times, and she came home to 65 messages from editors, agents and publishers. I wanted it so bad, I almost cried. And did make audible noises in the theater. If you were the old lady with a perm and glasses sitting in front of us, I apologize.

Afterwards, my friends went to someone’s roof deck to hang out and have a beer, and if you’ve ever been in Manhattan in the middle of August, then you know this is basically the apex of your life. But I came home to write. I left my friends on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of August to sit in my bedroom without air conditioning and write down stories.

For the first time in a long time, I felt like I was traveling again. This was a pretty big deal, since the whole point of this blog is to induce this feeling and since, up till now, it’s failed. I’d even written a draft of a post about it. “I’ve been back in New York for 23 days,” it said. “I have eaten my way through Trader Jo’s, started going to a new yoga studio, found a new park to sit in, picked up my tennis racket again, started a new book and a new television series, procured a new rental dog and a new client…yet still, I’ve lost something from the trip. Which really blows, considering this blog was supposed to prevent exactly that.” And that was as far as I’d gotten. I had no idea why I’d lost that feeling or where it had gone and I definitely didn’t know how to get it back. But then I saw this movie, and all of a sudden, there it was. Like the fly thats buzzing around this coffee shop right now. I don’t know where it came from, or why, out of everyone in this coffee shop, it chose to flit around my head, but it’s here. And it sure as hell isn’t going any where.

Because of this movie, I pitter-pattered away on my keyboard for five hours and wrote a draft of the entire second chapter of a book I’m working on. I started to remember why it’s important to bust out of the norm and try new things–not because every one will change your life, but because, eventually, one of them will. I also started to remember that it’s important to open your mind to opportunity and then to participate, not just watch, and to actually pay attention to what it does to you. I went to Julie and Julia because I wanted air conditioning, but this tricky little dark horse ended up inspiring an entire evening’s worth of work.

So though I’d toyed with the idea of focusing this blog solely on travel and social media, I’ve decided to keep with the theme of “new.” I may not get a post out of everything, maybe just a tweet. But I have a hunch that if I keep doing this with an open mind, something will stick. And that maybe someone, somewhere, will read it and be inspired.

PS- Meryl Streep, I am in love with you.

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  1. Nancy permalink
    August 21, 2009 4:44 am

    Something else that was on your trip…..a marked road stretching out before you, with edges and boundaries and lines, and a map (or in your case, a GPS).

    Infinity isn’t all there is.

    Ok, so if you figure that one out I’ll be impressed. Though I already am.

    Thanks for the blog modeling. I do need to get on that, too.

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