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I Double Dog Triple Dare You

September 16, 2009
Dare [dair] verb, dared or (Archaic) durst;dared; daring; present singular 3rd person dares or dare, noun
  1. Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Officer Julie, 5th grade
  2. To eat dirt at the age of 7 (even though secretly you’d already done it)
  3. One half of a game in which true pussies are always revealed
  4. A fundraising initiative thrown by the Stephen Lewis Foundation

Since I’ve done all of these but #4, I’ll pick that one.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation, a Canadian non-profit that addresses the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, has organized a fundraising initiative called “A Dare to Remember” for the month of October. You can dare your friends. You can come up with your own. You can pick from a list. And you can dare whatever you want, but you better make it good because you’ll be raising money to benefit grandmothers; the Stephen Lewis Foundation has eliminated the middle man, so money goes straight to the people who need it.

During the month of October, people all across Canada will do the dares, and since Canadians are so nice, they’ve invited everyone to join them. You can achieve your weight loss goal-someone else can eat. You can go skydiving-someone else can get the medicine they need. You can scuba dive to the bottom of the Hudson and…well…you’ll probably die.

Get creative. I dare you.

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