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10 Best Things About Working From Home

September 23, 2009

Working from home can be hard. Really really hard. I’ve been sick the last few days, and every minute I spend lying on the couch watching Dexter, waiting for the puss to seep out of my eyes and for my Advil to kick in, another dollar flies out the window. Then come the feelings of guilt, the sleepless nights, the eczema. OK, fine, the last may not happen for everyone. But it’s my numero uno sign of distress.

Every time I get frustrated and/or an anxiety attack, I try to remember why I’m here and think of pro/con (mainly con) book I wrote in almost every day for the five months of my conventional employment. I didn’t hate my employer, I just hated being stuck in an office.

1. Half price movies before noon. New Moon, here I come.

2. While employed, I spent my 10 minute breaks wandering around the block or buying out the candy section of Duane Reade. Now, I clean or do laundry or hang up those hooks that otherwise would have sat for a month.

3. I can go to Trader Jo’s and see every. single. aisle.

4. I start work at 7 am , don’t have to deal with other people’s crap and am done with the “have-tos” by 1. The rest is spent on projects I choose to do.

5. Less expenses. No monthly MTA card. No more work clothes cause all I need are pajamas. No more lunches out because I can cook my own.

6. I’m writing this from my bed right now.

7. I get to see more of New York than the squirrels on the roof across from my office.

8. I no longer waste time getting ready to go into an office. Yesterday, very rainy, very gray, I wandered into the living room around 7 am and thought “damn. I’m so happy I don’t have to go to an office today. Sucks for Kate.” I started work, and when Kate walked out at 8:15 the first thing out of her mouth was “I don’t want to go to work todayaayyyy!”

9. No more crowded subways.

10. But the absolute best thing about working from home is that you feel like an adult. If you don’t work, it’s your fault. If you don’t schedule, you will fail. This also probably means you’ll need a therapist. But isn’t that the definition of growing up?

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