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The New World Of New Media

September 24, 2009

IMG_2467I went to Brooklyn this weekend. That’s kind of a big deal.

Manhattanites have a weird aversion to Brooklyn. Maybe it’s because cabs won’t go there. Maybe it’s because Brooklyn was the only borough that hesitated to join the city. Maybe it’s because they named their baseball team after a wooden roller coaster. No one really knows, but for one reason or another, every time someone brings up Brooklyn, we tend to shudder.

Nevertheless, on Sunday, I went to Brooklyn.  A friend of ours just got an “awesome” apartment in Williamsburg with a private

IMG_2472roof deck and invited us out to celebrate one of the last warm weekends of the year. I got off on the wrong stop on the L and then couldn’t tell which way was North, which, for a New Yorker, is like plopping me in the middle of the Amazon without a guide and saying “have fun.” I kind of wandered around for a while, looking for a street sign or someone to ask or at least, I don’t know, the sun. Anything to tell me where I was.

Plopping myself in the middle of Brooklyn is kind of like my job. I’m in this weird world of new media, in which some people, like Chris Brogan and Brian Solis, have figured out how to live the high-life. The rest of us just kind of wander around, looking for a train. And sometimes…most of the time…I wonder what I’m doing here. I spend frantic hours trying to make a path, to “label my brand,” and in the end, I’m always more stressed than I started out. Quite frankly, I have no idea where I’m going.

Hot Mess Express Leaving Brooklyn

Hot Mess Express Leaving Brooklyn

But know what? I’ve decided not to fight it anymore. I like what I’m doing right now. It was the same way with Brooklyn. I was totally lost, but I loved it. It was relaxed. Homey. They had garage sales on the street and people spilled out of restaurants and bars wearing *gasp* sneakers. I felt at home and didn’t really care where I was going.

Our friend eventually rescued us with directions to his apartment, and we whiled away the evening on his gorgeous rooftop. He pays the same amount as he did in the LES and has an apartment that’s 5 bajillion times nicer and best of all, boasts, views of the Manhattan skyline. Which is why we all moved here in the first place, right? The fantasy?

Lesson learned: being lost in a new world isn’t so bad. If you just say “fuck it” and continue doing what you’re doing, watching out for street signs and opportunities along the way, you’ll eventually get where you’re going. And that, my friends, is my philosophical mush for today.

Hotress Leaving Booklyn
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