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Jaunt of the Day: Grey Dog’s Coffee

October 7, 2009

Sophie ParadeOn Sunday, I had brunch with my friend Sophie at Grey Dog’s Coffee in the West Village, which is, heretofore, my favorite place in the entire city. Out of every borough. Possibly in the entire country.

Not only do they have exposed brick and offer dog biscuits in a metal tin next to the Splenda, they open the front on nice days, have a picket fence in their bathroom and let you order both pancakes and eggs inthe same meal, which is actually a lot harder to find than it sounds. They have happy hour specials (wine and beer), and their portions are roughly the size of my face…no, not even my face, which is kind of small…I have to say they were at least as big as my friend Tripp’s face, and he is 6′ 4″.

And finally, while we were there, the most attractive man I’ve ever seen in my life walked in. I’m not claiming a direct correlation between this coffee shop and attractive people. But I’m just sayin’.

But one of the absolute best things about Grey Dog’s is its West Village location. With quaint restaurants and trees and streets with names and not numbers, the West Village is fast becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods. Furthermore, Mayan parades with full marching bands process ad random, they have weiner dog conferences in Washington Square Park, and on the way there, I saw a middle-aged man throw a whole cup of water on then sprint in the other direction. Not funny for him. But funny for me.

Here are some other photographic goodies from my walk down to the West Village that Sunday:

Not a happy weiner dog

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