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30 Days, 30 Coffee Shops: Cafe Mocha

October 13, 2009


UPDATE: Since writing this post, I’ve moved a block away from Cafe Mocha, and go there, oh, probably every day. Their customer service blows me out of the water. And THAT, dear businesses, is how to survive.

Plus, I got a new computer with a battery that lasts over .45 seconds.

Day 3


Sorry, Cafe Mocha, but this completely negates your free wireless and awesome menu. I was so looking forward to working over some of your delicious grilled cheeses and/or crepes, but when I saw your sole outlet had a metal plate screwed over it, all my dreams went out the window. I will occasionally meet you to read a book or have lunch (you did have delicious-looking cupcakes with faces on them. Such a sucker for icing skills). But I’m saving my freelancing for a coffee shop that appreciates me.

(That said, my allergies sought to kill me today, so perhaps it was a blessing Cafe Mocha forced me to my couch, where I celebrated Columbus Day with Paula Dean and DVR’d episodes of The Office. I love illegitimate holidays.)

P.S. I’m not just bad at looking; I actually asked a staff member if they had outlets and yes, his answer was actually no.

Grade: D

I’m visiting one new coffee shop every day for a month. Mainly because I broke my coffee pot. Check out the other reasons and guidelines here. And if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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  1. Torre permalink
    October 13, 2009 10:09 pm

    my #1 coffee shop pet peeve:

    Sitting down & opening my laptop after purchasing coffee/food- only to find out that their internet is down.

    They should have a giant sign by the cash register that says Wifi is : On/Off!!!

  2. blairh313 permalink*
    October 15, 2009 8:45 pm

    Ummm, tell me about it. Or give us our money back. Does Stone Cup ever do this? Caause I’m gonna need a place when I come home

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