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30 Days, 30 Coffee Shops: Sunburst Cafe

October 21, 2009

The Lays truck is standard

Day 8

I’m visiting one new coffee shop every day for a month. Mainly because I broke my coffee pot. Check out the other reasons and guidelines here. And if you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Here’s the thing about Mondays. Over the weekend, mo matter how much work I say I’m going to do, I always end up cleaning/ lying in bed/ sitting at mini-Veselka until…well, all day. Mondays are binge days, so yesterday I headed to my usual office in Gramercy, Sunburst Cafe on 18th and 3rd. I know it’s kind of a cop-out, but since I’ve probably spent over $500 there over the last year and a half, you get an even better review.

Wi-fi: Free. Fast. Password is Sunburst1. Just putting that out there.

Outlets: All along the walls, and each one has a 6-way splitter.25742930

Eats: THEY SERVE BREAKFAST ALL DAY!!! I really don’t think you need to know more than that, but just in case, also know they have the best Butternut Squash soup I’ve ever had, which comes with a biscuit that I, a Southerner, deem acceptable. Stay away from the salads.

Coffee: 5 flavors, all delicious. If you’re really lucky, they’ll serve your coffee in their beauty and the beast mug. Also, two key words: milk. shake.

Prices: Way cheap. This place truly is a freelancers’ heaven.

Staff: The staff here is like a Benetton ad. Or Angelina Jolie’s house. Most of them are Russian, like the owners, though lately they’ve added a few Asians and Hispanics. And I love them all. Sometimes they don’t understand, and might act a little aloof, but they’re all sweet as their Swiss Mocha Coffee.

Service: OK, heeeere’s the thing about this place. The service can be sub par. Like, sometimes they forget your order. Orr sometimes they don’t ask you what you want, which, if you’re looking for a place to work for free, is a stellar deal. Other times, I’ve had my food in minutes. Just know this when you go, look the cashier in the eye and say “I’m sitting right here” and remind them after a few minutes. They’ll bring it to you.

Ambiance: Has everything you need: lots of light, deep red walls (cozy, not angry), a flat screen with CNN and an atrium on the side with covered, outdoor seating. It can get a bit noisy, especially around meal times, but the patrons are kind and everyone shifts to accommodate the tight seats. Fun fact: this place has an oddly high number of angry old men who yell at each other for stealing papers. It should be annoying. But it’s not. You can’t get mad at your future.

Days 6 and 7?

I have spatial/ chronological organizational issues, so days 6 and 7 will stay as the weekend. They were filled with the most productive cleaning/ bill-paying session I’ve ever had, a lovely dinner at Lucky Strike in SoHo and a debacle of a radio show I guested for on Sunday. It was supposed to be about dating in New York, but instead it was about genital herpes and appropriate pubic hair to genital ratio. Awkward.

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