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30 Days, 30 Coffee Shops: Ost Cafe

October 28, 2009

Day 12

I’m visiting one new coffee shop every day for a month. Mainly because I broke my coffee pot. Check out the other reasons and guidelines here. And if you have any recommendations, please let me know!
On Friday, it was cold and rainy, and I was big time hungover, and it was, basically, the worst day to have to leave your house. Ever. However, I’ve made promises to you people.


Thankfully, Ost Cafe, on 12th and Avenue A, is kind of like sitting on my couch.

Exhibit A: Ceiling fans.

Exhibit B: Tufted couches and free-hanging pendants.

Exhibit C: Today’s papers, books and magazines in the corner.

I’m sorry you have to glean all of this evidence from this single photograph. I was too cranky to take more.

Not only is Ost an interior decorator’s dream, the staff feels like your highly observant, attentive best friend. Or if we’re going with the home metaphor, your friend’s MILF who provides you with cookies and makes jokes every now and then. Due to a busted fire hydrant, all of their water was a little discolored, and when I asked the barista for a glass, he said, “Well, it’s a little brown right now. And honestly, the only brown stuff you should drink is our coffee.”

Come on! How clever is that? They offered to keep checking and bring me a glass when the situation cleared. It never did, but I didn’t even care. This place is so pleasant. Regulars chatted with the barista, and random strays, like me, occasionally joined in without feeling like we’d stepped into the middle of group therapy.

And in the end, I was productive and relatively comfy, even though I felt like total crap. They have fast, free wi-fi, delicious coffee and a refreshing number of outlets along the wall near those booths. In contrast, if I’d stay in my apartment, I probably would have wallowed on the couch and watched Grey’s Anatomy, convincing myself I felt worse that I actually did. I guess life really is a mind game.


Grade: B+ (minus one half because there were no tables when I first walked in)


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