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Jaunt of the Day: ALIOMI Clothing Shoot

November 20, 2009

Arthur's Studio

“We want to create works of art of joy and beauty, which we will build because we believe it will be beautiful”- Jeanne-Claude

Day 19

On Friday, in lieu of a coffee shop, I headed to Arthur Elgort’s studio in Soho, where his daughter and my fabulous friend, Sophie, was shooting a new clothing line. Created by native New Yorkers Naomi Melati Bishop and Allison Sparkuhl, ALIOMI is a collection of re-purposed vintage clothing, studded and safety-pinned into DIY couture. It’s stunning and set to launch in December, and I highly suggest you check out their blog.

I’ve always been kind of ADD with my work, as I find most creative types to be, and I usually pick up and relocate at least every 3 hours. Cause it’s too hot. Or too cold. Or I don’t like the guy behind me moaning about his tea. Or the light is too sallow or the music too loud or, quite frankly, it just doesn’t feel right. We’re always moving and searching for inspiration, and though corporate types may call this “laziness,” do not be fooled. It’s just like an athlete being in the zone. If a writer is inspired, you could write a book in a week; it happened on Californication, so it must be true.

I’m kind of a sponge, so my best inspiration comes from watching other people work. It’s also why after watching a British movie, I have a proclivity (GRE word. WHAT UP) to speak in a British accent for the next hour. If I read a Bill Bryson book, a little bit of Bill Bryson spills into my work. If I watch a fabulous photographer (ahem, Sophie), in a fabulous studio surrounded by fabulous music and fabulous

Le Artiste

photographs, then I strive to bring visual beauty into my work. It’s a greater jolt of energy than any amount of caffeine, and in this mindset, everything from the graffiti on the street to those ugly rusting beams in the subway can turn into a thing of beauty. Even though I’m pretty sure the latter are giving me diseases.

One of the best things about living in New York City is that you find this inspiration everywhere,  you find inspiration everywhere, from the dumpster pool in Brooklyn to 18 miles of books at The Strand to the street performers in the subway (still street performers? unclear). I’m proud to be one of the starving artists taking advantage of this city’s benefit, because though I may not be able to eat, I’m popping out the next great American tome. Or something like that.

The Offending Subway Beams

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