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10 Most Useful GRE Words

December 9, 2009

I’m taking the GREs tomorrow, so in honor of my return to the world of standardized testing, I’ve compiled lists of the weirdest, yet most useful, GRE words I can find. Everybody loves a pedantic ass!

  1. Phlegmatic- calm, sluggish and unemotional Um, hi, snot is the mnemonic device. Best insult ever.
  2. Neologism- the creation of new words or senses. I know your friends sit around thinking up this shit aaall the time.
  3. Querrulous- Cranky and bitchy. When you use it to describe your mood, you feel even bitchier and thus, somehow, better.
  4. Superannuate- Dismiss as too old. This is to be used at bar. Except at my age, I’m only looking for older men.
  5. Antediluvian- Really, really fucking old. I guess that’s the superannuated line
  6. Pusillanimous- Cowardly. Seriously, who sits around thinking of these synonyms?
  7. Peregrination- to roam or travel about. Because “I’m peregrinating” sounds sooo much more useful than “I’m wandering around without a path in life or a job.”
  8. Intrepid-steadfast and courageous. I love that some marketing genius at Dodge sat around in his office, probably for weeks on end, throwing GRE words on a dry erase board, and came up with this. Can you imagine being that guy? Every time an Intrepid drives by, I bet he feels like God.
  9. Soporific-causing drowsiness, tending to induce sleep. Anything is better with the “-ific” tacked onto it.
  10. Vascillatewaver indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another. As 20somethings, this may be the most useful word, possibly, in the history of the Universe, one which may, in fact, incur a quotidian usage. OOOOHHH!!! two GRE words in one paragraph, who’s winning now?
  11. Hackneyed-used so much as to become trite. Useful to describe relationships and apologies

OK, fine, so my list is 11. This is why I’m going to get a 300 on the math. And while we’re (not) on the subject, I’d like to note that “ineluctable” and “senescence” were not even in the dictionary. And I would know, because in second grade, I won the speed dictionary competition.

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  1. Jennifer H permalink
    January 12, 2010 7:42 pm

    Thank You!!!! Taking the test tommorrow and suck at math, but have a 4.0 and otherwise a “bright future”. I really needed to laugh and thankfully knew most of these words. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

    • blairh313 permalink*
      January 19, 2010 1:48 am

      I hope the test went well!! I don’t know how you felt, but for me, the GRE is, by far, the weirdest test I’ve ever taken.

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