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Cornucopia of Social Media Table Topics

December 16, 2009

Five bajillion more reasons we live in the best decade ever.

1. Social media can exonerate you from involvement with a drug ring. A friend of mine from high school was just implicated in a major bust in East Tennessee. I’m not sure of his direct involvement (this is why I left East Tennessee), but at his lawyer’s suggestion, he just sent a Facebook message requesting that his friends post a “letter” on his wall attesting to his character and general contribution to society. Once his legal team tallies the protest, they will take it to the judge as part of his defense. Herro!

2. My friend just got an interview with ESPN’s Marketing Director…via Twitter. That’s right. He sent her a DIRECT MESSAGE asking her to pop on up to Lincoln Center for an interview. This friend also happens to be one of my past clients, so I’m especially proud (and if you would like to hire me to increase your online social media presence so that you, too, can have an interview with the marketing director of ESPN, please contact Thaaankss)

3. I cannot find a version of Google Chrome compatible with versions below Mac OS X 10.5! I know both companies are at the forefront of technology, but not all of us can afford Snow Leopard and not all of us are happy with Firefox right now. What about you? What browser version do you use, do you like it and can I technically sue Google for discrimination? All equally important questions.

4. I have a group of friends in DC who used Google Wave to create a virtual, personalized Yelp. Every time one of them visits a restaurant, museum, bar, whatever, they put a pin on the map, along with a review. They even have their houses on their; it’s like Sims on judgmental steroids.

5. Check out the most popular YouTube videos of 2009. Susan Boyle won, duh, but I’m partial to David After the Dentist.

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