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Collajournaling, Kids with Bowls and the Best Salmon Tartare Ever

March 5, 2010
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I’ve started collaging. I cut pictures out of every magazine, catalog and paper I find–mine or not–and write down quotes and listen to Joe Purdy, and yeah, there’s usually a candle going. Go ahead. You can laugh. But it feels great. It satisfies my “moody” style (thank you Jay Gould-Stuckey, art professor extraordinaire) and my joint love of tchtotchkes, minimalism and control. Keeps everything in one place. Like artistic fly paper.

I was inspired by a recent dinner at Le Bilboquet, this little French bistro on the Upper East that has the best salmon tartare I’ve ever put in my mouth. It exclusively showcases the artwork of Peter Tunney, a “showman, adventurer, Svengali, Dilettante, Pontificator, Eccentric, Raconteur, Writer, Bon Vivant, Sign Maker, Story Teller, Magician, Film Maker, Photographer, Boy Scout, Painter, Card Shark, impersonator, golfer, risk taker, savant, investment banker, expedition leader…ARTIST”

Don’t you love him already?

He’s sort of a tamer version of Basquiat, and I’m totally mesmerized by his work; especially his diaries. Cause guess what? They’re collajournals!

My collajournaling is getting pretty extreme. I ripped the tag off my tea bag yesterday. And my hope is that this new form of creativity will spill over to my writing. I spent half of yesterday afternoon staring out a window trying to figure out the catchiest way to explain how I broke my foot and ended up with something to the effect of “I fell off an oven. It hurt.”

Not quite the hook I was going for.

And in the spirit of things, I had a collajournal shoot with the kid I babysit! I like to call this one Blair and Kid with Bowls:

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  1. Jasmine permalink
    March 6, 2010 6:21 am

    warning: do not collajournal onto walls. it takes far too much time, energy, and chemicals to remove…

    • blairh313 permalink*
      March 7, 2010 4:36 pm

      haha, oh Jasmine, you would. And I love that you would. And I’m a little inspired and may be about to hang an old window frame on my wall to frame a collajournal; let’s pray it doth not snap

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