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Yes, I’m Alive And Know How To Say “That’s Gross” In Spanish

July 23, 2010

Hola para ciudad de la Antigua!

For clarification, I am here: Antigua was the original capital of Guatemala, founded in 1543 and deserted 230 years later when an earthquake leveled the city.

At the time, I’m sure this sucked.

But fortunately for us, great civilizations in Central America seem to enjoy deserting their cities exactly as they stand. Antigua today is a stunning ciudad, an UNESCO World Heritage site and a haven for expats and small girls with a pathetic grasp of the language.

Nestled between three volcanoes–Agua, Acatenengo and Fuego–and filled with cobblestone streets, crumbling colonial ruins and pastel buildings with terra cotta roofs, flowers and vines spilling over courtyard walls, it’s like a fantasy. It’s winter here and rains every day, and I don’t even care. The city is so chic, in fact, that J. Crew shot their July catalog here. And for the record, I want these sunglasses:

For the past week, I’ve been at the Spanish Academy Antiguena–a small language school in the Northwest corner of the city that houses their students in the rough equivalent of the Bronx. I spent the majority of my days trying to speak Spanish and ultimately sounding like a 5 year-old with Autism. My teacher had more patience than God, as did my host family, who ate every meal with me despite the fact that the extent of my conversation was “Esta muy bueno.”

BUT I’m happy to report that after a week, my Spanish has improved, and I can even pick out when men are calling me a whorey gringa (which would happen even if I tramped around town in a potato sack) and mutter, under my breath of course, “Asqueroso.” i.e. gross. I have to thank and my teacher, Julio3M, for this great achievement.

I sat down intending to write a super clever post, but the Internet here sucks, pictures say more than words, and I’m having too good of a time to sit in an Internet cafe all afternoon. And so I’ve decided this is mainly just to say: I’m alive and well, I’ll post pictures and videos to continue letting you know I’m alive and well, and more creative posts will appear every other Tuesday on The Lost Girls World!

Main drag, in the rain, cause surprise! It's winter here. Still beautiful.

I'm obsessed with the walls here.

More walls

I have no idea where I was and probably should not go there again alone. But the sun came out, so you know...whatevs.

The Arch of Santa Catalina, part of a monastery back in the 1700s when the original Antigua was still erect. Agua volcano in the back.

I like to call this one "I'm so fucking sick of making tortillas."

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