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November 23, 2009

ALIOMI Co-Founders

Yesterday, I mentioned the fabulous ALIOMI clothing line….and now I have an interview with a fabulous ALIOMI founder! Baha so ahead of the curve.


Co-founder Naomi Bishop was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions about style and inspiration in NYC. I snagged all of these photos from their first shoot, and they created, literally, one of each piece, so ladies if you like anything, call it now!

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: I draw my style inspiration from various sources, primarily from my parents and my wonderful aunts, my travels around the world, and definitely from NYC’s sidewalks! My parents were kind of out there: my father wore blue eyeshadow, leather jackets & berets. My mother was the most fashionable person I have ever met: elegant, ahead of the curve, and always experimenting. She wore miniskirts when every Javanese woman wore traditional kebayas; she had on vintage silk red dresses at 9.00 a.m. & always, always wore an orchid in her hair. But, New York is definitely the springboard of my motivation. I’m working on a Memoir, and often people-watch to stimulate creativity. The artistic way that New Yorkers dress just snags my imagination…

Q: How do you describe your style?
A: A mix between vintage, new, studded DIY (do-it-yourself), high & low. I like irony: floral dresses with studded blazers, leather with Victorian lace…. Monotone basics always allow for loud accessories. The greatest thing is to be able to express different angles of your personality each day through the way you dress. And like true a New Yorker: I like to put a good spin on black, black, black!

Q: What is your favorite vintage store in the city?
A: ALIOMI!  But around the city, there’s a plethora of vintage/consignment stores that I really like–not one in particular.

Q: Tell me about ALIOMI
A: ALIOMI is headed by Naomi Melati Bishop and co-conceived by Allison Sparkuhl (hence our name: ALIOMI). Created by agroup of New York City chicks, ALIOMI is like raiding a friend’s closet whose style you love. As girlfriends who grew up together in Manhattan, we joined forces to form ALIOMI: an online boutique that brings you fashion inspired by our city’s sidewalks. New York is our stomping ground. It is in our core and the catalyst of motivation that runs through our veins. Our clothing reflects and embodies the veritable and ever-changing palate of NYC: its avant-garde trends, social climate, pace, and diversity. NYC is the fountainhead of our inspiration, but online is our home–allowing us to be anywhere and everywhere. Our stuff is so diverse, we want people to wear ALIOMI with pride and hope to appeal to fashionistas, society girls, and biker chicks alike.


Q: When are you launching?
A: We are in the process of setting up custom orders and fine-tuning various facets of our start-up. Our tentative launch date is mid-December. Keep posted with our blog:!

Q: What type of stuff do you sell on ALIOMI?
A: We sell an array of first and second hand items: vintage, custom, DIY, couture, and resale of new and up-and-coming designers. Our DIY items are embellished and tailored in-house. Each garment is unique, handpicked, and carefully selected by our team. Our items are limited release. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone! So catch ’em while you can, ladiessss!

*all photos courtesy of

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